Sketch your countertops allowing for overhang on top of the cabinets. Include backsplashes and any cut-out dimension. In addition, choose a finished edge for any visible edge of the countertop and backsplash. (See Edge table below). When sketching the countertops, take into account that the size availability of the slabs is approximately 115″ x 65″ is an average safe size for granite but also comes in sizes 130″ x 78″ depending on stone design and strength. Therefore, location of the seams is an important consideration; we will help you decide the most appropriate seams during our template process.

step2With your sketch – visit our showroom, where we will help you select the stone that is perfect for your project. If you are working with a designer or contractor please let us know upon your arrival for stone selection. Your Designer or contractor will provide a quote regarding the scope of your project. Our quotes will include prices for templates, fabrication, and installation. If you are working on your own, once you have a basic selection of what stone you would like to use, we will provide you with an estimate based on the rough square footage.

step3Urban Stone Surfaces requires 50% deposit to start the job. Before giving any payment, you should approve the material (slab). When inspecting the material, please consider variation, small imperfections in the stone and particular markings on slabs. Please remember that stone is a natural material, so it has unique characteristics that cannot be changed.


step4Once your Slab is selected: Our Template Specialist will attend your project. In order to be able to make accurate templates, cabinets should already be installed and fixed. Accessories such as sinks, cook tops, faucets, dishwasher screws, and any other related hardware should be purchased and be available at the job site location prior to beginning templates.

Note: if you are using existing cabinets you will need to arrange for the removal of the old counter top and ensure that the old cabinets are properly prepared for the natural stone. All natural stone countertops require solid level support to reduce possibility of breakage. If unable to remove your existing countertops, Urban Stone Surfaces can arrange removal but at a cost to the client.

step5Based on a Template, our technicians will cut the stone and finish the edges as per order. See – Viewing Your Slab. Any changes may result in extra charges. Good seams and edges are an important consideration when looking at the craftsmanship and quality of a project.


step6Our fabricator and installer will deliver the stone and install it at the job site. Usually, fabricators and installers require payment, (in full), upon satisfactory installation. Below are some of the different types of edge details you can select from: