In order to keep a kitchen remodelling project within budget sacrifices need to be made. And that often means choosing man-made surfaces instead of more expensive natural materials. When even cheap granite countertops can easily be over $60 per square foot once installing, it’s not difficult to wonder if stone countertops are worth it. The key word here is balance.

G4120_3To put it simply, blowing most of your remodelling budget on expensive slab granite countertops when the rest of the kitchen looks cheap and out of date is just not a good idea. You won’t enjoy the benefits of redecorating your kitchen if everything else feels old and your new and expensive countertops won’t look half as good as they did in the store. In fact, you will feel like you wasted your money and your time, and join the ranks of people complaining that expensive countertops are a waste of money.

However, the same would happen if you spent all your money on beautiful, custom made and expensive kitchen cabinets, against a backdrop of old paint and laminate countertops in need of resurfacing. The key to maximizing the value of stone countertops is ensuring that there is a balance between the money you spend on them and the cost of the entire project. Often you will get better results by increasing the value of all the elements of your kitchen, instead of focusing on a single one.

If you are considering starting an Ottawa home renovation project, visit Urban Stone Surfaces for advice and tips on buying the best kitchen countertop surfaces for your needs, from granite countertops to quartz or even marble countertops.